Software Technology and Research
DEDICATED VENTURE PARTNER TECHNOLOGY SERVICES I work exclusively with my venture partners to develop their software, database or website to exacting standards and provide the company with technology, research, security and merchant support services.
Software Development The focus is on every detail of a proposed software application to thoroughly gather, analyze, refine and design the software foundation and architecture before a line of code is ever written.
Database Design Detailed design for the secure storage, retrieval and display of data using the latest in data modeling tools to precisely design the most efficient database model to meet the needs of the enterprise.
Website Design Providing both template based and custom designed web pages for websites and company intranets using a diverse set of proven and current Internet technologies.
Technology Services Network design and management, software selection, operation and training, computer maintenance, data backups, remote desktop support and protection. A multitude of technology services to keep the business up and running.
Research and Security Research of the most up-to-date technical information related to a specific project which provides our partners with the best choice of technologies and processes to choose from whether it be for in- house use or sold commercially.
Merchant Services The goal is to lessen the company's burden by selecting, installing, and maintaining the merchant tools needed so that the company spends more time on its core business and less time dealing with the added time consuming burdens of charge backs, security and PCI compliance.
Applied software, technology and research to speed our joint project to completion
About Me
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I am an independent contractor and investor offering sweat equity technology services as consideration for joint venture partnership units, stock and income in new startup or existing ventures. I have worked in technology for over 30 years as an employed C/C++ software programmer, database designer and administrator, website architect and PHP/Javascript programmer. I have been a contracted VP of Technology for a commercial payments company for the past 16 years. I have 28 Certificates in various management related areas from assessments which include masters level ratings for business concepts, business ethics awareness, interpersonal communications, computer electronics and office management and I hold 20 Certificates in ANSI C, C++ programming, OO principles, analysis and design.  I maintain my current skills through ongoing learning with online courses, as well as through experience in my current projects.